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2010 Arkansas Razorback Football Schedule and Predictions.

It's finally time to start paying attention to the Arkansas Razorback football schedule for 2010! Excitement is at an all time high for the upcoming season. The Razorbacks bring back an experienced football team ready to battle heads up in the SEC with anyone on their schedule.

Date Opponent Location
Sept. 4 Tennessee Tech Fayetteville
Sept. 11 Louisiana-Monroe Little Rock
Sept. 18 Georgia Athens, Ga.
Sept. 25 Alabama Fayetteville
Oct. 9 Texas A&M Arlington, Tex.
Oct. 16 Auburn Auburn, Ala.
Oct. 23 Ole Miss Fayetteville
Oct. 30 Vanderbilt Fayetteville
Nov. 6 South Carolina Columbia, S.C.
Nov. 13 Texas-El Paso Fayetteville
Nov. 20 Mississippi State Starkville, Miss.
Nov. 27 LSU Little Rock

So let's take a look at the Arkansas Razorback football schedule with an eye towards predicting how the season will go. Conventional SEC football wisdom says you always favor the team with the most experience coming back - with extra credit for returning skill position players.

We need to qualify that by saying the assumption there is that your talent level is at least close to the other teams. For the most part, the Razorbacks can now say exactly that.

Losses From 2009 Arkansas Razorback Football Schedule.

What went wrong - and why it should be different this year.

Georgia -  This was the first SEC game for several Razorbacks - including Ryan Mallet and most of the defensive secondary. Having the starting middle linebacker (and play caller for the defense) ejected early in the game didn't help.

Georgia exploited all those weaknesses but still had to rely on near miraculous passing by Joe Cox to win the game. He should probably send Christmas cards to the Arkansas defensive backs for that.

Georgia returns to this year's Arkansas Razorback football schedule with a new quarterback and a new defensive scheme to learn. That's not a recipe for success in the SEC! Arkansas has a bigger, stronger, faster D-line, along with more depth and experience in the secondary for this year.

Mallet has a year in the SEC behind him now, and will return with a much more experienced and deeper offensive line. The running backs and receivers know what to expect now, and the new pistol formation should help the running game even more.
Prediction - Arkansas Win

Alabama - This is really the only game that Arkansas just wasn't competitive in last year. Alabama loses most of the starters on the defense from last year - but they bring the offense back intact. There's no doubt the defensive replacements will be good - but there's still no substitute for experience in the SEC.

We look for the Razorbacks to be much more of a challenge for the Tide this year. If the Arkansas O-line can buy Mallet a few more seconds in the pocket, that can put a lot more pressure on the young Alabama secondary.

Unfortunately, Greg McElroy and his offense scored easily and often on the Hog defense. There aren't many reasons to expect that to change much this year. We're afraid the gap is just too wide for the Razorbacks to close in one season.
Prediction - Alabama Win

Florida - Traded for Vanderbilt for the 2010 Arkansas Razorback football schedule. Vandy has a stout defense but not much offense to go with it.
Prediction - Arkansas Win

Ole Miss - Arkansas had a poor performance on both sides of the ball last year in Oxford. But the Rebels lose most of their offense this year. They will have an inexperienced QB - no matter who it is. The Mississippi defense will be strong once again, although some key players are gone.

A record setting number of dropped passes killed the Hog offense last year. They should be much more comfortable in Fayetteville and a run game should at least be visible this year.

The defense had no answer for Dexter McCluster last year, but fortunately the only place they'll see him this year is on TV in the NFL.
Prediction - Arkansas Win

LSU - The usual toe to toe slug fest last year. The Tigers eked out an OT win with a field goal in Baton Rouge. LSU will have a good defense again this year. But their last place offense will also return with even less depth than last year.

But according to this year's Arkansas Razorback football Schedule, the Bayou Bengals will have to travel to Little Rock. Home field advantage has always mattered in this series, and it will this time too.
Prediction - Arkansas Win

Wins From 2009 Arkansas Razorback Football Schedule.

What went right - and why it should again this year.

Texas A&M - The Aggies were dominated on both sides of the ball in Dallas last year. The Razorbacks made a disturbing number of mistakes, but A&M didn't have the firepower to capitalize.

We don't see any reason to think that the Aggies have closed the gap significantly on the Hogs. If anything, the Razorbacks look to show more improvement than the Texas team.
Prediction - Arkansas Win

Auburn -
Last year's game was an easy win for Arkansas, in spite of dire predictions otherwise by the national media. Granted, the War Eagles were flying high until they rolled into Razorback stadium.

That ended as their national ranking went down in flames after the game with the Hogs. Willy Robinson exposed weaknesses in the hyped Tiger offense that the talking heads had been ignoring (much like this year).

This year's Auburn offense is hanging their hopes on an untested QB and some freshmen running backs. That might work - but most of the time it doesn't.

The Tiger defense fought it out with the Razorbacks for last place in the SEC last year. We think they will easily win the last place position this year. A bunch of freshmen in the second team defense is not a formula for success in the SEC.
Prediction - Arkansas Win

South Carolina - The Gamecocks put up a better fight than the scoreboard showed last year. They just spent too much time shooting themselves down last year with fumbles, interceptions, and wanky clock management.

The Razorbacks shouldn't count on that many breaks in the road game on this year's Arkansas Razorback football schedule. The S. Carolina defense is one of the best in the league and looks to still be one the best this year.

But the Hogs didn't have that much trouble moving the ball last year and are bringing a more potent and experienced offense back this year. On the offensive side for South Carolina, Garcia can be trouble for the Razorback defense if he's hot.

But for some reason, Coach Steve Spurrier insists on playing head games with his offense to the point they may all be in therapy before this game. There's plenty of turmoil in Columbia to go around already. That usually means trouble on the field too.
Prediction - Arkansas Win

Mississippi State - Ryan Mallet didn't really have one of his better games last year, but you wouldn't know it from the score. The Hog defense kept the run first Bulldogs on a short leash for most of the game.

Dan Mullen has State going in the right direction, but it's doubtful they will be able to gain that much on the Razorbacks this year.
Prediction - Arkansas Win

Arkansas Razorback Football Schedule - Prediction Summary

If we look strictly at probabilities based on what we know from last season and the pre-season this year - an 11-1 season is a reachable goal.

Likely losses are to Alabama, with good odds for another one at South Carolina. That probability is based on all teams playing within their normal range of capabilities, especially the Razorbacks.

This year's Arkansas Razorback football schedule shows that the Hogs control their own destiny this season more than any other in recent memory. If they just play within their normal range of capability, an 11-1 season is a very reasonable prediction.

If they play a little better than expected, a 12-0 year could be the result. Have a let down at the wrong time, or suffer a rash of injuries, and they could fall to a 7-5 disappointment.

Since none of us have those answers - that's what makes College football so much fun to watch! Woo Pig Sooieee!!!

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