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Demand for Cabot Arkansas Homes is Rising Rapidly.

Cabot Arkansas homes are seeing a sharp rise in demand as part of the fastest growing community in the Little Rock Metro area. It looks like there are a combination of several factors fueling this popularity. We'll try to identify each one and see what part it plays in the increasing demand for Cabot Arkansas real estate.

These are not ranked in order of importance since what would be important to one person might not be to someone else. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get started.


A cost of living almost 20% below the national average. Add to that home appreciation rates of almost 17%, which nearly double the national average. These kind of numbers make real estate in Cabot, Arkansas quickly start looking like a great deal. I'm sure most realtors would agree.

And with the median cost of a new home at a little over $155,000, you're still well below the average for the rest of the country.

The average age of a home for sale in Cabot is about 13 years. That means most are in relatively good shape with a lot of years of living left in them.

Sometimes overlooked as a factor in the cost of living is the crime rate of a community. You'll be happy to know that Cabot, Arkansas barely has one.


The Cabot school system consistently achieves high rankings both academically and athletically. Year after year, Cabot schools are the envy of many other Little Rock Metro area cities.


Owners of Cabot Arkansas homes have access to city parks that provide playgrounds, paved walking trails, baseball and softball complexes, football and soccer fields, swimming pool and tennis courts, and even a fully equipped gym.

If hunting and fishing are your thing, Cabot is surrounded by opportunities for both. Lake Pickthorne and Lake Conway are only a few minutes away. The Little Red River offers some of the best trout fishing around. Greers Ferry Lake has everything, with all kinds of water sports, along with camping and hiking.

Since Cabot is located in the center of Arkansas, several hunting areas are less than an hour long drive in any direction.

If you would like some golf with your real estate in Cabot, Arkansas, then the Greystone Golf Community is for you. There's a country club along with the Mountain Springs and Cyprus Creek 18 hole golf courses which are included on the Natural State Golf Trail. Homes range from town houses to villa type estates with prices from $213,000 to $375,000. Bare lots start at $25,000.


Basically you have all the amenities of a larger city only 20 minutes away, but with the look and feel of a small town.

Shopping venues are growing quickly in Cabot, and if you can't find what you're looking for, the largest shopping area in the state is only a few minutes away.

Health care can be a concern and Cabot has several clinics that can provide immediate care. If there is a more serious problem, 5 major hospital facilities are available in 10 to 20 minutes.

I think we've covered the major reasons why Cabot Arkansas homes are so popular. Something else that needs to be mentioned is the contribution the Little Rock Air Force Base makes to Cabot.

Many residents have connections to the base, both as active duty and retired military personnel. The fact that so many choose Cabot, Arkansas as their hometown says a lot. And the spectacular annual air show hosted be the LRAFB is a huge event for both Cabot and Jacksonville.

Detailed information about property for sale is available from several Cabot, Arkansas realtors.

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