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Conway AR Real Estate...What are the Hottest Areas Now?

We'll tell you about the latest trends in Conway AR real estate, plus all the other hots spots in Faulkner County.

Public schools with a top ranking, lower cost of living than larger cities, three colleges, two recreational lakes, low crime rate, new shopping centers, new restaurants, oil and gas development, and a variety of housing available, should answer the question "Why Conway AR real estate"?

As a Conway native myself, I've been a student in the public school system, attended one of the local colleges, and been a resident much of my life. I've seen the town grow and change from a population of about 10,000 to near 55,000.A lot of the familiar landmarks are gone, but somehow it still manages to feel like home.

Conway AR real estate Lake Conway

Sunset view from lakefront property on Lake Conway.

Kids still play baseball at the old fairgrounds, but now they can play softball or soccer at state of the art new facilities too. You can still go for a walk on a warm summer night, only now you can do it on pathways in one of several new city parks. Or if it's raining, you can even go indoors at one of the fitness centers. Local politicians still gather at downtown restaurants to debate the issues of the day, they just have more places to choose from now.

What hasn't changed? Well, Lake Beaverfork and Lake Conway are still in the same place, just as ready for fun as ever. Little Rock is still only thirty minutes away, if you still need to go there. Oh yeah, and Conway Arkansas is still a great hometown.


Streets shaded by huge hardwood trees over a hundred years old provide the setting for the historic homes of downtown Conway. You need to look west of the railroad tracks to find a range of styles including - Queen Anne, Spanish Eclectic, Prairie Box, Tudor, Craftsmen, Dutch Colonial, Cape Cod, and EnglishCountry. Try finding that kind of character in a modern sub-division!

Granted, these are older houses that may need some updating. On the other hand, the materials used in building these homes had quality and sturdiness not found today. Now, they have more bang for the buck compared to new construction. A great example is the house my grandfather built using oak wood lumber and stones from his own farm. Still standing today, I can tell you it takes much less maintenance than my newer residence.

Most Conway realtors agree, the downtown area is sizzlin' hot right now. If you like quiet, tree shaded neighborhoods with tons of character, be sure to check it out. You might find something within walking distance of the Toad Suck Daze Festival!

Conway AR real estate house in woods

West Conway sub-division 

West Conway

The majority of houses for sale in Conway are in the area west of I-40. You can find both new and used homes in several sub-divisions. Prices range from an average of $225K. There are still some starter homes to be found for around $100K. Go a little further west for spacious ranch style houses on larger lots,but expect to pay a little more. Of course there are a few lakefront estates priced at over $1M if you want to go upscale. There really is something for everyone when it comes to Conway AR real estate.

East Conway

East of I-40 has been slower to develop until lately. Now, the Conway Commons Shopping Center with over 600,000 square feet of retail space and several new restaurants, is helping drive residential development. Several new sub-divisions near three new schools are being built or expanded. New apartment complexes seen to be appearing overnight. House prices are averaging a little less than west Conway, starting in the $120K-150K range.

Vilonia is a small, quiet town of about 2,700 about fifteen minutes east on Hwy 64. Several new sub-divisions are underway, thanks in part to the gas business gaining momentum in the area. Top ranked schools, with more on the way, lower cost of living, and a planned by-pass, could make this growing town an attractive choice.

North Conway/Greenbrier

Recently, building has picked up speed north of Conway on Hwy 65. Residential and commercial projects are both going full speed ahead. Excitement over the gas business in North Faulkner County seems to be driving a lot of this development.

Greenbrier Arkansas real estate gives you access to great schools in a smaller, more rural setting. With a population over 5,000 and growing, lots of new sub-divisions should make it easy to find something you love. If you have to commute to work, it's only a ten minute drive down Hwy 65 to I-40. That may actually make a trip to Little Rock faster than from some parts of west Conway.

Wooster is now part of the Greenbrier school system, with a new elementary school scheduled to open next year. Population around 600 gives it a real country feel, while only being minutes away from Conway or Greenbrier.There are at least a couple of new sub-divisions being built, so you might want to take a look here before prices start to rise. Both areas have prices slightly below typical Conway AR real estate prices.


Lake Beaverfork estates are relatively scarce and expensive. But, when you can walk out your backdoor and enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, and skiing, it just might be a bargain.

Lake Conway has more of a rural country feel while only being a few minutes from downtown Little Rock or Conway. There's no swimming or skiing, but some of the best bream and crappie fishing in the state make up for it. Bass are being recently stocked too. New development nearby might be a good reason to add this one to the list. Not to mention those sunsets.


Realtors say there are still several hundred acres of land yet to be developed. Even with the steady growth of the last thirty-five years, you can still find vacant lots inside the city limits. It may take some more effort to find these because they are getting pretty rare. If you're willing to dig, Conway AR real estate can be very rewarding.

Conway AR Real Estate for Rent


Not ready to buy? Looking to rent? Over twenty apartment complexes with a variety of amenities should make it easy to find something you like. Swimming pools, health clubs and spas, golf courses, and nearby shopping could really improve your standard of living. Average prices for a 950 square foot two bedroom, two bath apartment of about $550 make it affordable. Extended stay corporate apartments are also available in many complexes.

Need something bigger? There are plenty of houses for rent in just about any size and area you could want. In fact, about forty-five percent of the houses in Conway are available to rent.


There are usually several buildings in various sizes around town for sale or rent. I've noticed several in the Industrial Park area recently. You probably need to consult a realtor specializing in commercial property for details on these.

I hope we've been some help to you in learning more about Conway AR real estate. We monitor several sources to stay up to date on what's going on, so check back often for updates.

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