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Hot Springs Realty... A 10,000 year old tradition of Rest, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation.


No, I wasn't around quite that long ago. And Hot Springs realty probably hadn't been thought of just yet. Historians do agree though, that native tribes came to enjoy the hot springs flowing from the mountain in what is now Hot Springs National Park.

Because the Indian tribes in the area believed in the healing power of the water, the area around the springs was declared a "neutral zone". The relaxing and rejuvenating hot springs water could be enjoyed by all.

This tradition continued all the way into the 1960's when big city gangsters frequented Hot Springs. They too, declared a "neutral zone" so they could relax in peace.

Hot Springs Arkansas has the distinction of being the first National Reservation, and later the first National Park. It still remains as the only city inside a National Park.

The rich and famous flocked here to see this special place for themselves. Hernando DeSoto even visited in 1541! Sam Houston, Bat Masterson, Babe Ruth, and Al Capone came. Many Hollywood celebrities came. Presidents Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman came. President Bill Clinton grew up here, and often returns. They all came to enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating power of the mountain.


The Tradition Continues.

Rated as a top 5 tourist destination and a top 10 retirement destination, the tradition of relaxation and rejuvenation continues today.

Listed as one of the top 10 Least Expensive places to live in the Nation, and with the lowest cost of living of all metro areas in Arkansas. You don't have to be rich or famous to own Hot Springs realty now.

Hot Springs AR real estate has value packed into every square foot. I don't know anywhere else in the country where you could even come close to all that Hot Springs real estate has to offer.

Outdoors recreation alone is enough to leave most places in the dust. Surrounded by 3 lakes, Hamilton, Catherine, and Ouachita and with 2 more nearby, DeGray and Greeson, the water sports available in the Diamond Lakes area is mind boggling.

Fishing, boating, water skiing, personal watercraft, swimming, scuba diving...Hot Springs realty has it all. If you love the water, there can't be a better place than this. And Lake Ouachita was recently named one of the cleanest lakes in the country, second only to Lake Tahoe!


When you're ready to come back to land, there are 11 championship golf courses to try out. You'll find hiking and camping galore in the nearby state parks and the Ouachita National Forest. I've spent years exploring the forest roads in Ouachita, and haven't yet been on all of them. A newly opened ORV park takes care of motorized recreation. 1250 acres to get lost on your ATV, dirt bike, or whatever your favorite off-road vehicle happens to be.


Now that we've sampled the Great Outdoors, what about Indoor recreation? First off, owning Hot Springs realty means you'll own property in one of the fastest growing art centers in the US. Listed in the Top 100 Best Small Art Towns in the country, fine art galleries housed in restored Victorian buildings in the down-town historic district are plentiful.

Hot Springs has become home to several nationally recognized movie and art festivals. There are always concerts and performance arts to see. A day at the races at historic Oaklawn Park is a great way to spend a spring day.

 Shopping in the eclectic boutiques across the street from Bathhouse Row in the Hot Springs Historic District will be the best way to spend a day for many of you. It will probably take a full day to explore these unique shops downtown.


OK, that covers most of the fun things to do, what about the everyday life kind of stuff?

Did I mention the lowest cost of living of any Arkansas metro area? Shopping is anchored by the Hot Springs Mall, along with several new shopping centers. Since Hot Springs is such a great tourist destination, there's a lot more variety than you would normally see in a town this size.

Transportation is actually pretty good when it comes to driving around town. Most of the main streets are 4 lane, and the bypass makes it pretty easy to get from one side of town to the other. Downtown does get pretty congested during peak seasons, but you learn shortcuts around the busy areas. 

The restaurants and bars reflect the spirit of the place. Fun and relaxed to traditional and elegant. Like Hot Springs itself, you can find something that fits your mood. Because they do cater to tourists, there are a huge variety of styles to choose from. Nice thing is, if you're a local, there's no shortage of little places off the beaten path. It's really a good balance.

There are several highly rated schools in the area. If you have kids, owning Hot Springs realty means they'll have access to a great education. In fact the premiere high school in the state is located in Hot Springs.

A modern hospital and medical facilities provide first class health care.


I know with everything we've covered you're probably thinking "This is gonna be expensive". A large home on Lake Hamilton will be. But overall, it's surprising how affordable most of Hot Springs realty is.

Older neighborhoods near the historic district have many homes built before 1960. They may take a little more updating but make up for it with great character. The median price is only $60,000 so you can afford those updates.

Just out from the downtown area are newer subdivisions with most houses built after 1970. These homes are a little larger but still affordable with a median cost of $95,000.

Construction of new homes around Hot Springs has been steady the last 10 years. Larger still and with more modern amenities, median price for these houses is around $110,000.

Today the average cost of a new home with 5 bedrooms and a garage is about $190,000. Lake front homes start at around $300,000. When you factor in everything you get with Hot Springs realty, it really is a super bargain.
The best way to get the facts is to ask someone who has been there, done that, and bought the tee shirt. So, I asked some friends who own Hot Springs realty what they really thought.

Mike is a corporate executive in Little Rock. He and his family had lived in the same house for several years and were just wanting something different.They looked at new houses around Little Rock, which were expensive. Remodeling their existing home was an option.

Then Mike found out about a condo for sale on Lake Hamilton. About to be empty nesters with two girls in college, the idea of a weekend get-a-way made sense. And the girls were excited about spending summer breaks on the lake with their friends.

The cost was reasonable compared to other options they were considering. Mike knew he could resell easily if they didn't like it for some reason. Well, that's one thing they haven't had to worry about. Everyone in the family loves it!

After a weekend on Lake Hamilton, Mike says he feels so relaxed and refreshed, he only wishes he had done this sooner. He and his wife like to go down on a Friday night and eat out at a nice restaurant. Then spend the rest of the evening relaxing on their deck overlooking the lake. The party barge and jet skis are tied up at the dock just outside the back door, ready for action the next day.

Speaking of action, the girls love coming over for the weekend and ripping around the lake on the jet skis. Maybe then ride their bikes around. Or maybe just go into town to do some shopping. They say it's a great way to decompress from the stress of school. That's really what Hot Springs realty is all about - rest, relaxation, rejuvenation.


Bobby owns a business in a nearby town. He used to live there, but said it felt like he could never really leave work. Even though it meant a daily commute, he bought a beautiful house overlooking Lake Catherine. Now he says he looks forward to the drive on scenic Hwy. 7.

That's not the only scenic view he enjoys. His favorite feature of the new home is the hot tub overlooking the lake. After a hard day at work, he says there is no better way to relax than to watch a sunset from there. Once he made the move to Hot Springs, and realized how many things there were to do, he's never regretted his decision for one second. 

Those common themes of Hot Springs Realty - Rest-Relaxation-Rejuvenation - really do continue that 10,000 year old tradition.

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