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Find the Best Land for Sale in Arkansas

If you're interested in land for sale in Arkansas, the area around Little Rock has a variety of property to consider. Rural real estate in Arkansas is such a great value, it can really be thought of as investment property.


Wouldn't retired living in a country home on lake front property,nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks, be a dream come true? Land for sale around Greers Ferry Lake can turn it in to reality.

Maybe waterfront property isn't for you. Retirement is not in your plans yet. What about land for sale in an area of small ranches and farm land? You'll find Arkansas property for sale that can satisfy your dream too - all within ten minutes of Little Rock!

Don't forget about land for sale in Hot Springs. You can't find a better value in recreational property anywhere in the country.

If you are interested in Arkansas land for sale, most Little Rock Realtors will have several listings to choose from.

Best Sources for Land for Sale in Arkansas Listings.

MLS property search tool. We've tried most of them and this is our favorite. You can search by the region of the state you're interested in, or by the nearest city. Be sure and use the lots, land and farm category from the menu to limit your search to land for sale. There's even an option to set a price range.

Lycos Classifieds. This link will take you to classified ads for the Little Rock area. Select Real Estate from the Category menu on the left of the page. After you're on the real estate page, select Land from the menu on the left. You can then pick the location you're interested in.

Craig's List. Not as complete or as easily searched as the above sites, but may be worth taking a look. You are likely to see listings here first and there may be some here that aren't listed anywhere else. Look under the Housing tab.

One caution ... You may see some ads with no contact information or listed location. These are usually scam attempts to get your personal information. They're pretty easy to spot, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Kijiji. Another free local ad site. Look for the Housing category and click on Other to see listings for land for sale in Arkansas.

We hope we've made your search for land for sale in Arkansas a little easier. Please check back often for the most recent updates.

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