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Little Rock Arkansas Rental Truck

 Top Tips.


A Little Rock Arkansas rental truck is the perfect choice if you want to save money on your next move. Just follow our top tips to make it go as smoothly and safely as possible. Whether you're moving across town or across the country, we'll try to help you make the right choices.

Here are our Little Rock Arkansas Rental Truck top tips:

  • Decide what size rental truck you need. You'll need a pretty accurate list of all the items to be moved, along with their sizes. If everything is boxed, that makes it much easier. Just measure the boxes to get a good idea how much room you need in the truck.

  • Get quotes from several truck rental companies. Prices can vary quite a bit depending on things like the size of the truck, season, day of the week, and demand in the areas you're moving from and to.

  • Reserve your Little Rock Arkansas rental truck at least 2 weeks to a month before your move. The summer months and weekends are peak times so plan accordingly. It's also a good idea to call a few days before your reservation to make sure there aren't any problems.

    Another good idea is to show up early the day of your rental truck reservation so you don't get held up behind a long line of customers.

  • Have all required documentation with you. Find out in advance what is required. Most common is driver's license, major credit card, and proof of insurance.

  • Find out what optional insurance is offered and decide if you need any before you arrive at the store. The major Little Rock Arkansas rental truck companies will have this info on their websites. If your personal vehicle insurance doesn't cover rental trucks, you will need to seriously consider buying the companies insurance.

  • Decide what, if any, moving supplies and equipment you may need. Things like hand trucks and dollies can make the whole move go faster, safer, and easier. Furniture padding and packing materials might be something else to think about. Most truck rental companies offer these for an additional charge.

  • Carefully inspect the truck before you leave the lot. Don't assume that obvious damage to the truck has been noticed by the rental company. Point out anything you see to the attendant before you leave. Make sure the fuel and odometer readings agree with what the company shows. Make sure lights, wipers, turn and brake signals, etc. all work properly.

  • Keep copies of all your paperwork in a safe, easy to find place. If you happen to get stopped by a police officer, you will probably be asked for your documentation. You will also need these for when you return the rental truck.

If you haven't driven a larger truck before, we've included a few tips to make it go a little easier. The main points to keep in mind are to allow more space and time because the truck is much larger and heavier than what you are used to driving.

Little Rock Arkansas Rental Truck Driving Tips.little-rock-arkansas-rental-truck-02

  • Get familiar with the truck before you leave the lot. Adjust the seat and mirrors and find all the necessary controls like lights, wipers, and horn.

  • Test drive the truck in a large open space before you go on the street. Make sure the brakes and steering work well and get used to the "feel" of the truck.

  • Take note of the truck height and plan accordingly when approaching low overhead objects like awnings or even some low bridges.

  • Drive conservatively. Trucks need more space than a car for any maneuvers. This means slow down, don't tailgate, and be extra careful making lane changes.

  • Try to avoid backing up. Since your view will be more obstructed, it's easy to hit something you can't see. If you have to back up, have someone spot for you at the back and sides of the truck.

  • Avoid drive-thrus. Don't even try to go through a fast food drive- thru lane. Just park and walk in. It's easy to damage a truck even when it looks like there is plenty or room.

  • Know what kind of fuel the truck uses. If it requires diesel, you need to pay special attention at the pump to make sure you put the right fuel in. Even though this seems obvious, it's pretty easy to make a mistake if you aren't used to reaching for the diesel fuel pump.

  • Last but not least, keep plenty of fuel in the truck. It's a good idea to maintain the tank at about half full. That gives a margin of error for unknown fuel mileage and not knowing where fuel stops are along an unfamiliar route.

We hope these tips will help make your Little Rock Arkansas rental truck  experience a pleasant one.

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