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Little Rock Arkansas Towing ... The  Facts You Need to Know.

Little Rock Arkansas towing should be as safe and hassle free as possible, and we'll give you the information here to make sure it is. The need to have your vehicle towed is something that almost all of us will experience sooner or later. You want it to go as smoothly as possible.

There are usually 3 main reasons for having your vehicle towed.
  • Mechanical failure
  • Accident
  • Parking violation
You will  probably be able to choose the company that tows your vehicle in case of a mechanical failure or an accident. A parking violation will put you at the mercy of a contracted tow company.

For Little Rock Arkansas towing there are generally 2 types of tow trucks that will be used.
  • Wrecker style - traditional tow vehicle with a large boom hoist for lifting vehicles from either end.
  • Flatbed or Rollback style - designed to transport a vehicle on a flatbed. All four wheels are supported on the bed and not in contact with the road.
Wrecker style tow truck.

Flatbed or "Rollback" style tow truck.

What to do When You Need a Tow.

Let's look at these different situations and what your best choices for Little Rock Arkansas Towing are in each one.

Mechanical Failure - When your vehicle won't move under it's own power, it will probably need to be towed or transported to a repair shop. Your main goal in this case is to get the vehicle to the shop without incurring any further mechanical or cosmetic damage.

The flatbed style truck is absolutely the best choice for this situation. Main sources of damage to look out for are:
  • Vehicles with low ground clearance contacting the bed of the tow truck. Make sure the operator uses the flattest bed angle possible to load your vehicle.
  • Winch cable or chains contacting the body of your vehicle. Again, a flatter bed angle will minimize this chance. Where and how the winch cable is attached is also critical to minimize the chance of damage. Watch closely as your vehicle is loaded and ask the operator to stop if it looks like there is going to be contact anywhere on your vehicle.
  • Improper tie down of your vehicle. Manufacturers provide reinforced areas on vehicles for the purpose of safe tie down during transport. Using these designated points is critical to avoid damaging your vehicle. We'll include a link that shows these points for your vehicle, along with specific towing requirements. It would be a good idea to print this out and keep it in your vehicle.
Click here for Little Rock Arkansas towing information for your vehicle.

When this page opens just find your vehicle make and click on it. Then on the next page, click on the model and year, which will take you to the page with the towing details for your vehicle.

Accident - If you're involved in an accident and the police officer determines your vehicle can't be driven, you will need to have it towed. The officer will normally ask if you would like to call a tow company or have him call one of the city contract companies.

For Little Rock Arkansas towing, the city contract companies are almost always the most expensive option. The towing fee itself is usually more, plus the extra expense of your vehicle being taken to an impound lot. This will add considerable expense and complication to the process of recovering your vehicle. There is also a much greater risk of incurring even more damage.

If at all possible, make your own towing arrangements. It would be a good idea to have the phone number of your tow company and repair shop handy for times like this. If you belong to an auto club or have access to emergency services through your cell phone provider or insurance company, you may be able to make towing arrangements through them.

The best type of tow truck in these situations depends on the severity of the damage to your vehicle. If the damage is not too bad, especially on the front, the flatbed truck will be your best choice. Most of the same information and cautions mentioned in the mechanical failure section will apply here as well.

In cases of more severe damage, the better maneuverability of the wrecker style truck may be needed. Since the risk of more damage to the vehicle is not as important, the tow fee may be somewhat less with a wrecker. Vehicles with severe damage at all four wheels will probably not be able to use a wrecker and would need to be loaded on a flatbed.

Parking Violation - Try to avoid this at all cost! Your vehicle will be at the mercy of a tow company contracted by either the city or a business in most cases. Their goal will be to remove your vehicle the quickest way possible. It will usually then be taken to an impound lot. Damage to your vehicle is almost guaranteed in these cases. Consider all the costs involved and this is just not something you ever want to have to deal with.

Wrecker style tow trucks are normally used in these situations. The chance of cosmetic and mechanical damage to your vehicle is much greater in this case. If this does happen to you, be sure and carefully inspect your vehicle for damage at the impound lot and make sure to point it out to the attendant. The odds of getting any reimbursement are slim, but it doesn't hurt to try.

How To Find a Little Rock Arkansas Towing Company.

Towing companies are regulated by the Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board. You want to verify the company you choose is registered with them. That lets you know that the company is following the latest regulations, insurance requirements, etc. The link to their site is listed below. Just fill in the city and click the search button. A list of registered operators will be shown for that city.

Click here for Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board operator listings.

You can also click on the company name for complete information including the type of tow vehicles available. "W" for wrecker and "RB" for rollback.

The Professional Towing and Recovery Association of Arkansas also has a site with a membership list and some other useful info that may be helpful.

Click here for PTRAA.

If and when you do need a Little Rock Arkansas towing service, we hope the info here will help you make the best choice.

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