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Little Rock Breast Implants ... What You Need to Know.

Find the facts you need about Little Rock breast implants. We've searched the web for the best information about breast implants. Are saline or silicone implants safe today? Which one is best? How much does implant surgery cost?

Find answers to these questions and many more here. We'll also include a list of breast implant surgeons to help you get started in your research.

Are you a good candidate for breast implant surgery? Take this test to find out.

Screening test for breast implant surgery.

We always recommend that you do enough research to feel comfortable with your choice. The links below are the result of several hours of research to make sure you get the best information possible. Take your time and investigate them thoroughly. This is an important decision and you want to make sure you get it right.

Consumer Guide to Breast Implants. Provides information about implant choices, placements, incisions, side effects and much more.

Breast Implant Information Web. A place for women to share information, experiences and opinions about breast implants.

FDA breast implants home page. Get the latest info about FDA approved implants and procedures.

David H. Bauer, MD

9500 Kanis Road
Suite 501
Little Rock AR 72205

Roger W. Anderson, MD

2200 N. Rodney Parham
Suite 200
Little Rock AR 72212

Rhys L. Branman, MD

10809 Executive Center Drive
Suite 100
Little Rock AR 72211

Robert W. Lehmberg MD, MD

600 S McKinley
Suite 310
Little Rock AR 72205

Edward J. Love, MD

One Lile Court
Suite 100
Little Rock AR 72205

Gene Sloan, MD

8315 Cantrell Road
Suite 120
Little Rock AR 72227

Michael A. Devlin, MD

10809 Executive Center Drive
Suite 100
Little Rock AR 72211

Kris B. Shewmake, MD

9500 Kanis Road
Suite 501
Little Rock AR 72205

Robert T. Love III, MD

3343 Springhill Drive
Suite 2030
North Little Rock AR 72117

Jim English, MD

950 Medical Towers II
Little Rock AR 72205

The list above is not an endorsement of any particular breast surgeon, but should give you a good start on finding plastic surgeons with experience in breast implants.

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