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Little Rock Homes Guide ... Home Values for Little Rock, AR.

We put together the Little Rock Homes Guide as a quick way to compare average home values in the most popular Little Rock neighborhoods. Several sources were used for information about houses for sale, neighborhood demographics, and other statistics about Little Rock homes.


We all know what's going on with the real estate market - so in an effort to keep everyone current - we're introducing a new tool that shows up to date home prices in Little Rock!

We have separated the guide into sections according to the most well known neighborhoods. Along with the dry statistics, we've included some of our personal experiences with many of these communities. That is one of the advantages of being a life long resident of Little Rock.

One thing I'll tell you before we start. This is the most up to date info available today. As always though, you're experience may vary. We'll begin downtown and work our way west. OK, let's get started.

Little Rock Homes Guide


Median home cost - $92,000
Average age of house - 46 years
Appreciation rate - 16.9%

The downtown area includes Rivermarket and the historic MacArthur Park district. Houses here tend to be older but have better than average appreciation. The median cost is somewhat misleading since there is a broad range of house types. You can find everything from tiny cottages to restored Southern mansions in the Quapaw Quarter.
Downtown Little Rock tends to be populated by singles ranging from early 20's to mid 40's. Over 95% are renters. But you also have a fair number of wealthy retirees which adds some balance. This all contributes to the thriving, eclectic look and feel of the downtown area. The Little Rock Homes Guide designates this area as the most popular with renters.

Stifft Station

Median home cost - $134,000
Average age of house - 40 years
Appreciation rate - 17.4%

Stifft station is between downtown and Hillcrest and has some traits of both. Many of the houses for sale are smaller and older than you will find in the Hillcrest area. As you go up Kavanaugh the homes do tend to be larger, newer, and more expensive.

Some years ago this was regarded as a somewhat artsy area populated by some interesting characters. To resurrect an ancient term, it was sort of a "hippie"community.
Today you're more likely to find young married couples with no children. There are also a fair number of mid-income families, with just enough remnants of the "old hippies" to keep it interesting.


Median home cost - $185,300
Average age of house - 46 years
Appreciation rate - 15.9%

According to the Little Rock Homes Guide, this is the oldest neighborhood development in Little Rock, dating back to 1890.

The Hillcrest area includes the Hillcrest Historic District with many homes listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 1,035 of the properties in the district are listed as historic structures. In fact only about 12% of the houses in Hillcrest were built after WWII.

Today this is a popular area for mid to high income couples and families. If you can't afford to buy a home, there are usually several good choices for renters.

I lived in Hillcrest for several years and really loved the community. There's no doubt that these older homes require more maintenance and care. On the other hand there is no other place in Little Rock with the architectural diversity and character you'll find in Hillcrest.

Originally Hillcrest was part of what was called the Pulaski Heights Addition. Today the Heights is generally recognized as the neighborhood north of Cantrell Road along north Kavanaugh. These Little Rock homes are newer, larger, and more expensive than those in Hillcrest.

Home to the Little Rock Country Club and many boutique shops, this is still a popular neighborhood with upscale professionals and business owners.

West Markham/Midtown

Median home cost - $134,000
Average age of house - 40 years
Appreciation rate - 17.5%

These neighborhoods started the transition to more modern subdivision type developments. Most of the houses look similar, although with more variety than you would find in new developments today.

You'll find a blend of higher income families with children and double income couples with no children known as DINKS.

Communities here tend to be more stable due to families with school age children. The Little Rock Homes Guide rates this as one of the best areas to find a bargain. Check that appreciation rate! 


Median home cost - $191,400
Average age of house - 30 years
Appreciation rate - 17.8%

This is a large area and the neighborhood name is a little confusing. It includes Sturbridge, Colony West, Echo Valley, Robinwood, River Ridge, Overlook, Breckenridge, and Foxcroft.

I lived in the Sturbridge neighborhood years ago and liked the area. There has been a lot of commercial development since then which has made shopping and finding services much easier.

Today you'll find a combination of upper income families with kids and higher income empty nesters in these stable neighborhoods. The Little Rock Homes Guide says this is the best place to look for bargains given the highest appreciation rates of all the Little Rock area. 

River Mountain/Pleasant Valley

Median home cost -$246,500
Average age of house - 21 years
Appreciation rate - 16.8%

Walton Heights, Pleasant Forest, and Hillsborough are included in this area as well. This has been the most popular area for Little Rock's highest income citizens for the past 25 years. New construction has slowed down because there just isn't a lot of land left for development.

Little Rock homes for sale in these communities tend to be large, very nice, and expensive as far as Little Rock real estate goes. Considering the higher prices for these houses, there is still a good bit of upside if you look at the appreciation rates. These neighborhoods are still tremendously popular since it has become harder to find houses for sale there. These neighborhoods are very stable given the limited number of homes offered for sale. Most people living there want to stay there.

Rock Creek/St.Charles/Wellington

Median home cost - $158,900
Average age of house - 18 years
Appreciation rate - 15.4%

I presently live in this area. It's a good balance of quiet neighborhoods but with great shopping and amenities only a few minutes away in the Bowman/Chenal commercial area.

Homes for sale in the St.Charles/Wellington neighborhoods are going to be more expensive than the median the Little Rock Homes Guide has listed. Many of these homes are on par with what you would find in Pleasant Valley but tend to be a little less expensive.

If you don't want to go further out to Chenal, these neighborhoods could be what you are looking for. 


Median home cost - $295,000
Average age of house - 12 years
Appreciation rate - 16.3%

The Chenal area is attracting a new group of high income professionals, corporate managers, and business owners. The majority of new construction in west Little Rock is in this area. Anchored by the Chenal Country Club and golf course, this is one of the most prestigious areas to live in Little Rock.

Residential development out paced commercial building, especially retail businesses for a few years. It is quickly catching up now though as some sort of new commercial construction seems to start weekly. You now have best of both world's living with quiet neighborhoods in country settings but only a short drive to shopping and services. We hope you found the Little Rock Homes Guide useful. Check back often because we update the info here just as soon as we see something new happening. As you know, real estate in Little Rock is a rapidly moving target these days.

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