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Little Rock New Car Loan 

What You Need to Know.

Gaining some knowledge about the Little Rock new car loan process before you apply for one is the best way to save money and avoid scams. A little homework now can save you big money in the future. We'll get started with our list of top tips.

Top Tips For Getting the Best 

Little Rock New Car Loan.

  • Know what's on your credit report by getting a copy of it and reviewing the information to make sure it's accurate. Have the credit bureau correct any mistakes.

  • Know your credit score. This info is available for a small fee from any of the three major credit bureaus. Equifax, Experian, and Trans-Union all offer this service online.

  • Know the credit tiers used by the Little Rock new car finance institutions you're considering. Have the loan officer explain how they relate to credit scores and interest rates. Get a print-out of the charts so you can compare deals.

  • Know the current interest rates being offered. You can research rates on the Internet to find out if the rate being offered on your Little Rock new car loan is competitive.

  • Know the average selling price in Little Rock, Arkansas of the car you want. Click here for our New Car Price Guide.

  • Do get pre-approved financing for your Little Rock new car loan. Get a no obligation car loan from a prime lender if possible. If you do this before shopping at the dealership, it will substantially improve your bargaining position. Thousands of dollars can be saved with this tip.

  • Don't assume a 0% loan offered by the dealership is the best new car loan deal. If you have a choice between a low or no interest loan and a rebate, many times the combination of the rebate and your pre-approved loan will actually be the best deal.

  • Don't fall for a "bundled" deal at the new car dealership. This usually happens when you have a trade-in. The dealer will try to combine or "bundle" the trade-in, the price of the new car, and the financing package. Then it's almost impossible to find out what you're actually paying for the new car or the financing, or what is being allowed for your trade-in.

  • Do check your sales agreement for any extra fees that have been added that weren't agreed on beforehand. Some dealers will try to slip in what they call "junk" fees on buyers without mentioning them during the sales negotiation. "Documentation fees" are an example that you often see.

  • Don't agree to buy extras you don't want or need. Like extended warranties, protectant treatments, etc. These are usually presented in the finance office after you've been worn down by the process and may be more likely to agree to them just because you want to have a "done deal".

  • Don't be rushed or pressured into signing a sales agreement. Bottom line is if you're not comfortable about anything you're being confronted with, walk away now. It's your money and you are in control. It will be a whole lot easier to deal with this now rather than later after you have signed something!

We hope we have improved your knowledge of the Little Rock new car loan process. You can see how a few hours of research could save thousands of dollars over the course of a new car loan.

For more information about new car loans, our favorite source is Edmunds.

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