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Your Guide to the Best Little Rock Restaurants.

With over 700 Little Rock restaurants, we won't try to list all of them here. Suffice it to say that if you're looking for a restaurant, Little Rock, Arkansas is a great place to be.

What we will do is provide a link to the absolute best, most complete Little Rock Guide to restaurants there is.

The most complete list of Little Rock restaurants.

After you get through searching all the Little Rock food choices, come back here and we'll tell you about our favorite restaurants in Little Rock.

Our Favorite Little Rock Restaurants. 

Our picks for the best Little Rock American food restaurants are:

Canon Grill - A nice little place housed in an old street front building in the Hillcrest neighborhood. The main focus of the menu is Tex-Mex which you might guess from the name. Just to keep everyone happy they also have some great pasta dishes, salads, and burgers.

Gadwall's Grill - A long time favorite among North Little Rock restaurants, there is now one on Cantrell Road in west Little Rock. The main attractions are the burgers and home cut fries, but they balance the choices with several huge salads. If I'm in the mood for something lighter, the signature white chili is great. They also have sweet potato fries that could almost double as dessert.

Purple Cow - Even the name sounds like fun. They have 2 locations in Little Rock, one on Cantrell and one on Chenal Parkway. Sort of a cross between a 50's style diner and soda fountain. Specializing in 50's style food meaning malts, shakes, and burgers. If you're watching the calories, they also have salads and other low-cal healthier choices.

Well, these are our favorites. If you have a favorite American restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas, be sure and tell us about it through our contact us form.

Sai Gon Cuisine - Offering Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese dishes, it's kind of like and Asian Sampler plate. If you want Asian but you're not sure what kind, this is the place for you. As close as you can get to a Vietnamese restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas. Located on Cantrell Road.

Grampa's - Another one of the many North Little Rock restaurants that has opened a location in Little Rock. This one on Stagecoach Road. The crispy all-you-can-eat catfish is what made them famous. They have added to the menu now with a variety of steaks, chicken, and seafood. It's a laid back, homey kind of place. Exactly what you want in a local Little Rock catfish place.

US Pizza -  A long running favorite. I've been eating there since it started in 1972 in a place the size of a closet in Levy. Now with locations everywhere, you won't be far from one no matter where in the Little Rock city limits you are. Great pizza, great sandwiches, great salads. It's an institution among Little Rock restaurants. I think I've said enough!

Flying Fish - Located in the Little Rock River Market, this no frills seafood place just delivers great food at reasonable prices. If you like it fried, boiled, grilled or steamed, they have you covered. This ain't fine dining, so just put on your t-shirts and jeans and dive in.

Whole Hog Cafe - In the category of barbecue food, Little Rock has it's own style. The original place on Cantrell Road was started by some award winning locals who did it their way until they got it right. You have 6 sauces to choose from, or if you want to be a purist, none. My favorite is the smoked pork tenderloin with mustard sauce.

Chi's Chinese Cuisine - When it comes to Chinese food, Little Rock has plenty of choices. Most are all-you-can-eat buffets in strip centers. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I've just always liked the quieter atmosphere and privacy at Chi's. The food and service have been consistently good for all the years I've been dining there.
The Villa - When  I want Italian food, this has been my choice for over 30 years. They have a large variety of pasta dishes, great pizzas, and a reputation for some of the best desserts in town. The recently added baked pasta dishes have become some of my favorites. A favorite among Little Rock restaurants for over 50 years.

The Faded Rose - A local Little Rock restaurant that even Rachel Ray noticed on a trip to town. The menu has a New Orleans influence that sets it apart from traditional steak and potato places. Even though it was recently rebuilt, I still like the atmosphere at the Rebsamen Road location. The one on Bowman is fine, but the large parking lot and quieter area make for a more stress free experience at Rebsamen.

Coffee Specialty
Sufficient Grounds - For a change from the usual corporate coffee chains, this little place in the Heights is a breath of fresh air. Located in a converted house, it's a great atmosphere for sittin' and sippin'.

Fine Dining
Gypsy's Grill and Bar - Don't let the name fool you. Some of the most exotic dishes in town are served up here. Self described as "world cuisine", the menu leans heavily toward French. With Belgian born Denis Seyer in charge, you can bet it's authentic.

Bobby's Country Cookin' - I recently met a friend for lunch at this little place. Since it was in a strip center off Shackleford, it didn't really fit my idea of a home cooking kind of place. But ignore the outside, and you'll find 4 entrees and 11 vegetables made just like your grandma used to. The fried chicken has won awards, and the home made pies aren't bad either.

Senor Tequila's - One of many family owned Mexican restaurants in Little Rock. This one just seems to be a notch above the others. I've been patronizing this local Little Rock mini-chain since the first one opened in North Little Rock nearly 15 years ago. There are several locations now, but my favorite is the one on Rodney Parham.
Flying Saucer - You can find this place right in the middle of the Little Rock River Market District. It bills itself as a beer joint, and there is lots of beer to choose from, but don't let that overshadow the tasty sandwiches on the menu. Yep, Flying Saucer in Little Rock is a pretty good place to sip a cold one, munch a sandwich, and watch the world go by on the street outside.

Community Bakery - Cakes, cookies, pastries, pies. How much temptation can you stand? Well if you do give in there are now 3 locations for this Little Rock kitchen. They have been an area favorite for years for good reason.

Little Rock Nightclubs that Serve Food
Sticky Fingerz -  If somebody asks you "Where is Sticky Finger in Little Rock?". Chances are this is the place they're talking about. One of several clubs in Little Rock located in the River Market District.

This one caters to a somewhat younger crowd with a variety of live music acts. Besides the obvious chicken fingers, the menu includes "sammiches", burgers, salads, pizza, and even a few dinner plates. One of the best Little Rock restaurants that does double duty as a night spot.

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