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Little Rock Used Car Loans ... Save Money and Get the Best Deal.

The number one tip for getting the best deal on Little Rock used car loans is to be informed. You have no chance of saving money on a car loan if you don't know anything about the process.

Listed below are some of the top tips to help you save money by getting the most favorable used car loan possible.

Top Money Saving Tips For

 Little Rock Used Car Loans.

  • Get a copy of your credit report. You need to know what's on your credit report before you apply for an auto loan. Make sure all the information is accurate. Contact the credit bureaus and have them correct it if it's not.

  • Know your credit score. Each of the three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and Trans-Union, offer this info on line for a small fee. It's well worth it because knowing your score could save a lot of money in interest charges.

  • Obtain your used car loan through a prime lender. Their rates will be significantly lower than sub-prime sources. Even if your credit score isn't perfect, it won't hurt to check with some prime lenders first. 

  • Learn about the credit tiers used by the lenders you're considering. Ask the loan officer to explain how they relate to credit scores and interest rates. Get copies of the charts to help you find the best deal.

  • If you are forced to take a sub-prime loan, don't give up. Concentrate on improving your credit score. You could be able to refinance the loan at a cheaper interest rate in a fairly short length of time.

More Little Rock Used Car Loans Tips.

  • Set a reasonable price range for the car you want to buy. You can save thousands of dollars by not overspending on a car you don't really need. Know the fair market value of the model you choose. We like Edmund's True Market Value Guide.

  • Research current interest rates being offered. You can go on line to quickly check available rates.

  • Get a pre-approved, no-obligation auto loan before going to the dealership. Arranging your own loan could save big money over the full term of an auto loan.

  • Don't get trapped into a "bundled" deal at the dealership. This is when a trade-in, the price of the car you want, and the financing, are all "bundled" together. This is why it's important to arrange your own car loan. You can then focus on just the price of the car, not all the confusing number games.

  • Check your purchase agreement for any hidden or extra fees that were not agreed on beforehand. Many car dealers try to slip in "documentation" or other "junk fees" on unwary buyers.

  • Don't give in to high pressure sales tactics. Remember it's your money and you are in control. If you don't feel comfortable about the way things are going, walk away. It will be a lot easier at this point than after you have signed something!
Like we said before, the best advice we can give for getting the best Little Rock used car loans is to do your homework. A little knowledge can go a long way toward getting the best deal and more importantly, saving money. Then you can relax and enjoy your car the way you should.

For information from the Federal Trade Commission on buying a used car -
Click here.

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