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North Little Rock Real Estate. 

Homes at Prices Anyone can Afford!

We'll take a look at the different neighborhoods and all the other factors that make North Little Rock real estate so appealing. With the price of a North Little Rock home ranging from $60,000 to $500,000, almost anyone can find a house in their price range.

Levy - Pikeview - Rose City

This is where you'll find the majority of houses toward the lower end of the price scale. These homes tend to be a little older and smaller but there are some great bargains to be found in these neighborhoods. The Pikeview and Levy areas also have easy access to Burns Park and Emerald Park.

Park Hill

An older, quieter, neighborhood with lots of shaded streets and sidewalks winding through this hilly area. You can find a variety of home styles and sizes in this well established and stable area. A lot of these homes are older with an average age of 37 years. I know that seems pretty old but these houses were so well built they make excellent choices for remodeling.

north-little-rock-real-estate-01Lakewood - North Hills

When I think of North Little Rock real estate, the Lakewood area is what comes to mind first. Originally built around several man made lakes, this neighborhood has expanded to become one of the largest in the city. It has a wide variety of homes starting close to the median price of $124,000 and going up from there.

The Old Mill, North Little Rock's most famous landmark can be found here. Some beautiful water front homes are in the same area although they don't come up for sale very often.

The North Hills area adjacent to Lakewood offers larger and newer homes but still has the rolling hills and quiet streets.

You'll also have the best access to the major shopping and restaurant areas concentrated around McCain Boulevard.

Indian Hills

Somewhat newer sub-division than Lakewood with a slightly more modern look and feel. You give up some of the coziness of the older areas but in return these are more modern homes. Price range is similar to Lakewood.

Heritage Park - Overbrook - Shady Valley - Windsor Valley - Chimney Rock

These are the newest developments for North Little Rock homes. These areas have been pretty hot over the last several years and you can still see new construction in most of them. It seems the houses being built get larger and nicer each year.

Chimney Rock would be at the top of the price range for North Little Rock real estate. The homes here represent the ultimate in upscale living.


So what is it like to live in North Little Rock? Let's go through the list.

Shopping - One of the largest retail shopping areas in the state including McCain Mall and the Lakewood Shopping Center.

Entertainment - Home to Alltel Arena which hosts more big name acts than any other venue in the state. Also home to the recently opened Dickey Stephens Baseball Park where the Arkansas Travelers play.

You can also enjoy a stroll down the North Shore Riverwalk to the Maritime Museum featuring the USS Razorback submarine. The Arkansas Queen riverboat, a replica of the stern wheel paddle boats that once cruised the Arkansas river can be seen nearby. You could even book a cruise for yourself.

Hop on the River Rail Trolley for a ride to the revitalized Historic Downtown area that was once called Argenta. You'll find several cozy restaurants and new boutiques to try out.

north-little-rock-real-estate-03Outdoor Recreation - What's the second largest city park in the United States? North Little Rock's own Burns Park. I think it's amazing that a city of 60,000 has a 1,575 acre park like this.

There is a recently rebuilt youth baseball field that is now state of the art. A nationally recognized tennis center with both indoor and outdoor courts. First class softball complex. One of the largest and nicest soccer complexes in the entire southern region. And two of the best 18 hole public golf courses in the state.

If you have younger kids they'll love the playgrounds and there's even a small amusement park with rides that's open during the summer.

My favorites are the walking and biking trails next to the river. These are part of the Arkansas River Trail project which will eventually make a complete loop along the Arkansas river on both sides.

I don't want to forget about the dog park or equestrian trails if you like to recreate with your animals. And the pavilions for all types of get togethers.

A BMX track and disc golf course have also been added. Through in a covered bridge and a log cabin and I think we have done it all.

If that still isn't enough, adjacent Emerald Park has over a mile of paved trails with spectacular scenic overlooks of the city and river.

One last point I wanted to make about North Little Rock real estate is the average appreciation rate of over 17% last year. Add that to a cost of living that is 27% below the national average. Sounds to me like a North Little Rock home is a great investment.

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